Share Your Culture, Share Your Food.

Our mission is simple: to connect people and cultures through food. At ZOUQ, our goal is to bring a taste of cultures from around the world to the US in a healthful, flavorful and exciting way!

The Discovery of Exotic Flavors

South Asia is home to countless different cultures and beliefs. It has hundreds of religions and sects and thousands of races living together. But where this region truly stands apart is in its love of food. Zouq wishes to help bring the tastes of 2 billion people – spanning 1.7 million square miles – to our foodies and epicureans all over the world. These exotic flavors take you on a sensory journey where your tastebuds are tingled and excited for a thirst of travel and adventure.

Every flavor of Zouq tells a story. Our Fiery Sticks are inspired by the passionate epic of Ramayana, which tells a story of warriorship and love. Our Golden Lentils express the romance of the festival of Basant, which welcomes the joy of Spring and all it has to offer. The intensity and celebration of South Asian Weddings are captured in our Jubilee Mix. Our Curry Crunch symbolizes the harmony of the sensual dance of Kathak.

Join Zouq in exploring new flavors and senses from all over the world and join the tribe which hopes to bring cultures and people together through the most loving and caring means possible. Sharing Food!

Discover Flavors. Discover Zouq.

Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in world travel and understanding different cultures. As an adult, I’ve been lucky enough to pursue that interest, growing and developing international businesses of all types in various countries. Throughout my travels, one thing that has quickly become apparent to me is the power of food to create bonds and start conversations. You may not be able to speak to someone from a different culture, but you can sit down at a table and share a meal with them. By breaking bread with folks from a different cultural background, we’re able to share with them our culture and identity, and to lay the foundation for meaningful connection.

My inspiration for starting for ZOUQ was to help create these connections between people and cultures. To introduce flavors and ingredients that may be common in one part of the world but new in another. In this way, we offer access to the type of cultural discovery and understanding that can often only be found by traveling to distant shores. At ZOUQ, we are dedicated to making the healthful discovery of exotic flavors accessible to all. After all, we’re all ultimately in the same boat as humans – humans who love, laugh, cry and eat!

Uzair Anjarwalla
(Founder & Foodie-In-Chief)

Giving Back to Cultures

ZOUQ practices “Conscious Capitalism”. That means we are committed to working hand in hand with all of our stakeholders. We are firm believers in the idea of a double bottom line and the idea that everyone involved in the process of making and growing ZOUQ has a unique place in the process. From Laxmi Rani’s recipe, to Kumar and Farhan working in the factory, to James driving around California distributing products, everyone is involved and everyone has something to add to the Zouq conversation around culture and food.

We partner with and give back to organizations who work to spread understanding, appreciation and acceptance.

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